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Johanna von der Vring


Education and Professional Qualification

1988: A Levels (Abitur ) at a classical grammar school, Altes Gymnasium zu Bremen. Outstanding command of the English language by  studying also at  a language  school in England,  travelling in the USA and by  working on specialized English literature for my dissertation

1989 intensive studies of the Italian language at the Instituto Linguistico Italiano Dante Alighieri in Florence

From 1990 Studies at the University of Bologna, examinations in Italian Literature, Latin, Modern History, History of Art and Anthropology, graduation with the academic title „Dottoressa in Lettere“

2003: Spanish language diploma at theEscuela Oficial de Idiomas in Malaga (Spain)

2004 to 2005: Master course for translators and interpreters from Spanish into German at the University of Seville

From 2006: Member of APETI (Association of Spanisch professional  translators and interpreters)


    Professional Experience

From 1998:  Language teacher for German and English in different companies and schools in Madrid, Spain, translator of English and Italian texts into German

From 2002:  The same kind of work in Sevilla

2005 – 08:   Freelance translator, interpreter and language teacher in Sevilla:

  • Collaboration in  a project of the German teachers‘ association of Andalusia as a translator (Asociación de Germanistas de  Andalucía)
  • Author of different  internet courses for learning German
  • Translator for Spanisch and international translation agencies and private customers: Translation of websites, travel guides, contracts, instructions for use ect.
  • Translation  of audio guides for the towns of Malaga, Lisbon  und Alcala de Henares
  • Periodical  translations of all kind of journalistic articles
  • Interpreter at  fairs, exhibitions and business meetings

From  2009: Freelance translator,  interpreter and language teacher in Barcelona


Special abilities

  • Broad general education, political interests, founded knowledge in the field of my university studies
  • Outstanding feeling for language and style
  • Perfect mastery of my working languages German, Italian and Spanish and familiarity with the affiliated cultures
  • Very good command of English
  • Reliable and stylistically consistent translations
  • Clarification of unclear points in the original version with the customer
  • MS office, modern translation software (Trados); new German spelling
  • Further education by regularly attending translators’ conferences and meetings


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